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Meet the Sires of TRK

At Timber Ridge Kennels, we truly believe our breeding program is second-to-none. Our selection of males is unrivaled, with a variety of pedigrees, ages. All with great dispositions and healthy bloodlines.

Sires: Males


African Import, Champion Bloodlines

We love all our animals at Timber Ridge Kennels, but Kam is one of the most beautiful types of this breed we have ever seen. He is an impressive specimen of a male and has sired some wonderful pups over the years. He is directly imported from Africa and has a strong and historic bloodline. Preservation of his line is one of our greatest goals.


30in at the shoulder


Decedent of Champions

Joko comes from long line of champions. His father, Rifleman, is well known through out the Ridgeback world. He are lucky to have him and he produces fantastic pups. His disposition is exactly what we look for when selecting a breeding male.


27in at the shoulder


Large Liver Nose

There’s no doubt Moose is going to grow into a big animal. He is over 100lbs and still has some filling out to do. The livernose color is a little more rare than the traditionally red wheaten and is one reason we selected Moose is to continue to help us produce this unique color.


28in an the shoulder 

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