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A well behaved dog is imperative when owning a large breed such as a Ridgeback. Any large breed dog that is unmanageable often ends with the dog being returned to the breeder or even worse, ending up at a shelter. This is, in most cases, not the fault of the dog but rather the lack of training at the puppy stage. An 8 week old puppy that jumps on you is not a big deal, but a 120lb male that jumps on people can be dangerous and unmanageable. Training at a young age is so important. Ashley and I are committed to help give you the tools to help you be a responsible and successful dog owner.

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Give Yourself The Best Chance at Success

A past client gave us the idea to put together an informative program to help dog owners and future dog owners have tools needed to be best prepared. This program is designed to have one trusted source to get the training and information that's relative to this breed and most large breeds for that matter. Check out our video to learn more about how you can have access to this service and what all it includes.

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